FF13-2 Unboxing!


The Collector’s edition that is! I uploaded this video earlier in the week but I figured I’d post it on here. I’m not exactly the best at this kind of thing but I’ll get better with practice.


What PSVita is right for you?

(Images taken from amazon.com) You’ve been thinking about it for months and you’ve just now decided that you want to buy a Playstation Vita as soon as it comes out.  The question is, which model do you want?  What do you want to want to buy along with your system?  What do you need to…

Playstation Vita Hands-on

In the past two days I have had two separate opportunities to play the PSVita. My first chance was at Best Buy and the conditions weren’t exactly ideal so I wasn’t blown away. Today I had my second chance at a local Gamestop and boy did my opinion change. So without further ado, let’s get…