The Nintendo’s NX needs to be different


With a stellar showing of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at E3, Nintendo has been back in the forefront of many a gamer’s mind. Though Nintendo has been extremely quiet when it comes to details for their new “NX” console, that hasn’t stopped the internet from speculating. I’ve read so many theories lately that I’m done trying to think of what Nintendo WILL do, now I’m going to demand what they should do!  I know that no one from Nintendo will ever read this, but that won’t stop me! So without further ado, here’s what I think the NX needs (and can) do to put Nintendo back in the spotlight.

  1. Switch back to a traditional controller:
    1. This one is pretty simple so I won’t spend a ton of time on it.  Nintendo had the chance with both the Wii and Wii-U to push nontraditional controllers.  There was demand at first, but now iPhones and iPads have nailed down the market for nontraditional controls. Move on Nintendo.
  2. Design NX to use cartridges (or some other kind of media besides discs):
    1. This gets a bit more complicated, but recent rumors on the internet have made me feel that this is the right way to go. Disc drives are bulky, and they aren’t fast enough to read larger games anymore.  That’s why both the PS4 and Xbox One require you to install disc-based games before you can play them. I don’t see Nintendo making a console that’s digital only, but I want them to stop using discs.  You hear that Nintendo?! Stop it!
  3. Don’t put a traditional HDD in the NX:
    1. On the same note as disc drives, traditional HDD’s are also bulky while flash memory is expensive.  I want to see the NX go the same route as the Wii-U in terms of memory.  Give me a console with 32 to 64GB of built in flash memory and let me buy an external HDD.  If games aren’t installing off of a disc we won’t need one anyway!
  4. Make the console small and affordable:
    1. This ties into the previous two points as a console without a disc drive or traditional HDD could definitely cut down on the size of the machine.  Even if the machine needs an external power supply (power brick) to do it, make the box small! This ties into my next point which is…
  5. Focus on games! Games games games!
    1. Both the PS4 and Xbox One are competing to be the end all be all entertainment box in our living rooms, the NX doesn’t need to join in.  Instead, focus those efforts on making tons of great (exclusive) games.  If the NX is a small device at a competitive price with tons of stellar exclusive games, it could definitely stand out.  Most families probably have at least 2 or 3 “smart” devices in their homes already, and hardcore gamers definitely do.  What those devices don’t have, are great Nintendo experiences that you can’t get anywhere else.

-Burdmayn out  *waddles slowly on the ground and lets you walk wayyyy too close to me before flying away at the last second*



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