Microsoft’s E3 messaging for hardware was on-point


After Microsoft’s E3 press conference on Monday, I’ve seen a ton of reactions. However, the one that seems to be most prevalent among gaming enthusiasts is that Microsoft killed the Xbox One S by announcing Scorpio 90 minutes later.

I couldn’t agree less with this sentiment, as I felt Phil Spencer and his team delivered a bit of marketing mastery with their stance on hardware this year.  Here’s why:

Microsoft started their conference by announcing the Xbox One S. The console looks great, and it seems to be an attempt to breathe new life into the Xbox One. If you pay attention to retailers right now, you’ll notice that this is Microsoft’s huge marketing push. If you don’t see the Xbox One S being advertised, chances are that you’ll see the new pricing for the original Xbox One instead.

Their next big announcement was the Xbox Design Lab. A website that allows you to fully customize the color scheme of an Xbox One controller for $80. The new controllers also offer expanded wireless range and support for Bluetooth. This is This ties in greatly to their final hardware announcement which was…

Project Scorpio. Which I felt had a message that was crystal-clear. For one, this was Microsoft addressing the leaked rumors that are all over the internet. They didn’t want speculation about how powerful the machine would be, they put their plans out for everyone to see.

Second, tying into the previous announcements, this was their chance to make sure people aren’t afraid to invest in the Xbox brand. Phil Spencer’s let everyone know that all current Xbox One games/accessories will work with Scorpio. Customize a controller, buy a discounted Xbox One or pre-order the Xbox One S, Scorpio won’t make you ditch all your games/accessories when you’re ready to upgrade.

So with all that being said, I reiterate that I couldn’t disagree more with people who think Microsoft had terrible messaging.  For those that are interested in Xbox, the message was loud and clear, come to Xbox and you won’t get left behind.


  • Burdmayn out *Flaps invisible wings*

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