My take on Starfox Zero

Hello all!

Starfox Zero is out in the US today, so I thought I would write my take on the game.  This is a unique scenario because I haven’t played the game yet, nor do I plan to in the near future.

Why?  Well… after treading reviews it seems that people are divided into two camps for Starfox Zero, those who love it and those who hate it. The dividing line being the control method that Nintendo chose for the game.

All I really wanted to say is this: I respect the people who are defending this game. The controls may be a bit non-traditional, but it seems like they’re nothing that you won’t get used to over time.  Starfox is the type of game that you’re supposed to play through over and over to perfect your score, so the joy really comes out of mastery here.

That being said, people on the other side of the fence aren’t wrong for not liking the controls.  Video games are a hobby, and to most people they’re supposed to be about fun above all else.  If I pick up a game and don’t enjoy myself right from the start, I’m much more likely to stop playing it in favor of something that’s fun from the start. It’s like saying a TV show doesn’t get “great” until the second or third season. While one person may be willing to endure things up until that point, another might give up entirely in favor of getting the most out of their time.

So in the end, that’s why I won’t be picking up Starfox today.  I’m sure that if I played the game I would grow to love it after a few hours, but I’d rather spend those few hours enjoying something else right from the start. *cough* Ratchet and Clank *cough*


  • Burdmayn out *flies away and gets stuck in a tree*

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