PS4K (NEO) reactions

With the internet up-in-arms about Playstation’s NEO project, I wanted to write down my thoughts on the matter. Here’s the original article from GiantBomb if you haven’t read it already. I’ll be pulling quotes as key-points from the article and adding my opinions. Here we go!

“No price was provided, but previous reports indicate that the NEO would sell at $399.”

I think this could be the perfect entry point for this new console. Release a new, more powerful SKU at the price point of the original console and drop the price of the old.  Whether people buy NEO or the PS4, Sony wins out.  I’m personally expecting a PS4 price drop to $250, which means we could see Black Friday deals for that price along with games, or $200 for just the console.

“Starting in October, every PS4 game is required to ship with both a “Base Mode” which will run on the currently available PS4 and a “NEO Mode” for use on the new console.”

I personally love this idea, but I think part of it depends on what move Microsoft makes next.  Some people seem worried that the NEO will mean games aren’t optimized for the vanilla PS4. I think developers would be insane to optimize a game for one console, while essentially ignoring the two others that have much larger user-bases.

“The NEO will also support 4K image output, but games themselves are not required to be 4K native.”

I think this is a smart move on Sony’s part to keep the PS4 relevant. At the very least, this will let enthusiasts watch 4K content through PS4. I honestly don’t expect to see it much, or at all, in games.

“The NEO will not supplant the current PS4, but will exist alongside of it and use the same user environment. The PS4 and NEO will use the same PSN store, connect to the same online communities, and offer the same user experience, so expect to see the same cross media bar that you’re used to. Players will be able to retain all of the purchases they made on the PS4.”

This, this, one thousand times this. Sony would be insane to abandon the 40 million strong user-base they have on the PS4.  This statement alone makes me believe that (NEO) will really just be meant for tech-heads who want the best for their money without jumping over to PC gaming.

“Sony seems committed to keeping the NEO and the original PS4 player bases connected. As such, there will be no NEO-only games, and Sony will not let developers separate NEO users from original PS4 players while playing on PSN.”

This is probably my favorite part of this whole leak.  No NEO-only games means that vanilla PS4 will be around for at least another few years. There’s also a bit in this quote about how any differences in games should not apply to multiplayer.  Hopefully that bit is true, because devs would definitely get some heat for creating multiplayer advantages on the NEO.


All in all, I’m very excited about the idea of NEO.  If we start getting consoles that are upgraded every two to three years, it’ll ideally take at least one or two upgrade cycles before they stop treating the “original” model as the standard.  By that time, you would potentially be looking at a four to six year-old console that would traditionally be replaced by an entirely new concept.

I personally think that this move could let Sony keep themselves relevant in the hardware space.  Instead of the PS3 to PS4 jump that people normally expect, console generations can blend together without a hard-stop that leaves content from the old generation behind.

Now the only thing left to wonder is whether or not they’ll wait till E3 to do a reveal.  I think Microsoft’s handling of the Xbox One is the prime example of what not to do in this scenario.  If Sony pretends like these leaks didn’t happen and declines to comment, this could be the beginning and the end of their new concept all at once.


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