This post is more like an advertisement than anything, but I can’t get enough of how much work Sucker Punch Prod. put into Infamous Second Son.

Leading up to the release of the new Infamous, the site in this article’s title was a neat source of viral advertising.  Don’t let me be misleading here, as the site is still up and provides multiple pages of conduit information and quizzes that are as interesting to read as they are to partake in.  They also have the added benefit of earning you some in-game karma if you link your PSN account.

Besides the initial fun of a little extra backstory, Enjoyyourpower.com now serves an even cooler purpose.  At launch, Sucker Punch provided a day-one update for Second Son that adds about 5 hours of extra content through “Infamous paper trail”.  Paper Trail promises to expand on how the D.U.P came to be and it’s a really neat combination of in-game missions with real-world detective work that makes the game all the more engaging even after you beat the main story.  Just visit the website and create an account to unlock the karma/extra missions in your copy of the game.

I’ll most likely be writing a review of the game once I have the time to finish it. Obviously it won’t be very timely but it will more or less serve as a form of practice for me.  I’ll be sure to shout it out when I have it done and posted if anyone would potentially be interested.  Down with the D.U.P!


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