The Xbox One is launching March 11th…


If you’re even semi-interested in games, you know that the title statement here isn’t completely true. The Xbox One formally launched on November 22nd of last year, but I don’t think that’s really when Microsoft intended to release the Xbox One, and here’s why:

The new Titanfall Xbox One bundle offers an insane amount of value compared to the “Day One” edition of the console.  Would you rather an achievement and some DLC for games you may not buy, or the first “must-have” game on the Xbox One alongside a bit of free Xbox Live?

Third party developers have had quite a bit of trouble getting games to run as well on the Xbox One up until this point. This could just be due to the hardware sacrifices that they had to make to include Kinect 2.0, but developers having less hands-on time to adjust to those shortcomings wouldn’t help either.

Microsoft is releasing their first major OS update on March 4th.  You know, the one that fixes a lot of features that were touted to be there on day one? Hardware for consoles gets locked down pretty early in development, but Microsoft could have easily decided to release the console with whatever they had running at the time.

Sony didn’t initially show what the PS4 even looked like when it was announced last February.  This is where things get a bit speculative, but not showing off your hardware could definitely give the impression that your console is far from release.  I wouldn’t doubt that Microsoft was expecting the PS4 to release in 2014 given the information shown at their reveal.

I’m not saying that these snippets of information point to undeniable fact, but they at least paint a believable picture. Only time will tell how the Xbox One can perform in the long run, but it at least seems like Microsoft is finally heading in the right direction.  So while the rest of the world may look forward to March 11th as the release of Titanfall, I look forward to that date as the official launch of the Xbox One.

– Rob (@Burdmayn on Twitter)


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