PS Vita initial impressions

Now that the PS Vita is finally in my hands and I’ve had some time to play around with it, I thought I would make a quick post of some things I really like so far.  So without further ado, here’s my list!

  1. The PS Vita is a sexy machine, seriously.  The glossy exterior is prone to smudging, but other than that this baby will knock your socks off.  Sitting one next to a 3DS looks like a contest between a nerd and a cheerleader, with the Vita taking the position of cheerleader.
  2. The dual analog sticks are awesome. I’ve played Uncharted: Golden Abyss for quite a few hours now and the analog sticks make it feel like I’m controlling the console version.  They’re that good.
  3. The games look amazing and play even better. There’s a bit of an exception here in that not EVERY game is amazing, but the titles I picked up are pretty much cream of the crop.  Uncharted, Rayman, and Wipeout feel like full console titles that you can take anywhere you want.
  4. The front touchscreen and rear touch-pad work great. The front screen feels about as responsive as my dual core smartphone, which is absolutely amazing.  The rear touch-pad works well at what it does, though it isn’t going to work very well for precise touching seeing as you can’t see the front and back of the system.
  5. There’s no shortage of good games to play.  I just bought my system and I have 5 titles that got good reviews to play already, and there’s something for just about everyone.  I can’t exactly speak for the future of the handheld, but it already has a nice start in comparison to the abysmal 3DS launch lineup.
  6. You can take screenshots of games. It involves pressing two buttons simultaneously and saves the screenshot right to your photo app.  You can then send it to your friends in a message, use the shot as a wallpaper, or send it to Facebook or Twitter once the apps make their way to the system.
  7. You can be constantly connected. Your PS3 friend list is just a few inputs away no matter what you’re doing on your Vita.  You can also send messages to people on your friend list, invite other Vita owners to a voiced party chat, and see who else around you has a Vita with the “Near” app.
  8. The store is full of games and easy to navigate. This one more or less speaks for itself.

So that’s that, a nice list of some of my favorite things about the PS Vita so far.  I do have some things that I can nitpick about the system as well, and I might make another post about those though I’m not entirely sure just yet.

Thanks for reading!


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