What PSVita is right for you?

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You’ve been thinking about it for months and you’ve just now decided that you want to buy a Playstation Vita as soon as it comes out.  The question is, which model do you want?  What do you want to want to buy along with your system?  What do you need to buy along with your system in order to fully enjoy it?  Well fear not!  This handy guide is here to help you choose the PSVita console and accessories that are right for you.

There are three different models of the Playstation Vita and a wealth of accessories and games to go along with them on day one, so it can be a bit confusing.  Before we get into the different models, the first question you should ask yourself is: How do I plan to purchase and play my games?

Most games on the PSVita require you to have a memory card in order to play, so you’ll be needing one of the little sticks no matter what model you buy.  The memory sticks range from 4GB to 32GB, and what size you end up buying (or what PSVita bundle you buy) should revolve around what size memory you want for your system.

Do you plan on buying physical copies of all of your games and just want to get to playing them?  Well then a smaller memory stick will probably suit you best.  If you want to download and have multiple games with you everywhere you go, you’ll want a system with bigger memory.

(A nice bit of information to have handy is that every game available in-store for the PSVita will also be available for download through the system’s Wifi.  This is important because the downloadable games are confirmed to be at least $5 cheaper than the retail version)

With that out of the way, we’ll get on to a basic rundown of the three different PSVita models that will be available for purchase.  The three models are: Wifi, 3G/Wifi, First Edition bundle (with 3G/Wifi console)

PSVita Wifi only model:

  • Just a straight up PSVita with Wifi capabilities for playing/downloading games online
  • $249.99 asking price
  • Release date: February 22nd

PSVita 3G/Wifi model:

  • A PSVita that can use both Wifi and 3G to connect to the internet
  • 3G  connectivity is provided by AT&T and requires prepaid data plans for access. The plans range from 240MB of data per month for $14.99 to 3GB of data for $30. The plans do not require a contract but it should be noted that 3G connectivity is more limited than Wifi internet access (You can’t download games or play some games competitively online via 3G)
  • If you buy a 3G model at launch, you’ll get the “Launch Bundle” which includes an 8GB memory card, a voucher for 250MB of 3G access (once you pay for a month of data out of pocket that is), and a downloadable game for the standard asking price
  • $299.99 asking price (This price is the same whether you get the “Launch Bundle” or not)
  • Release date: February 22nd

PSVita First Edition Bundle:

  • A PSVita bundle that includes a 4GB memory card, 3G/Wifi system, the game “Little Deviants” and a special edition  carrying case.
  • This bundle releases one week earlier than the other two versions of the system, all games/accessories will also be released early to coincide with the release of this bundle.
  • This bundle will include a voucher for 250MB of 3G airtime, and a free downloadable game just like the launch bundle for the regular 3G/Wifi version. (The First Edition Bundle does not get the 8GB memory card as well)
  • $349.99 asking price
  • Release date: February 15th

So there you have it, just about every bit of information regarding the PSVita that you could want all in one place.  It should be noted that there will be a wealth of accessories available on day one, but these were not included in this guide for the purpose of keeping things somewhat brief.  That being said, hopefully this guide will help you decide which version of the handheld console you want to buy.

Thanks for reading!


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